“Earth Sound” CD


Right here, right now, the solid Earth is moving under your feet. Earthquakes, storms, and ocean surf on a distant shore: each contributes a note to the restless chorus of vibrations that echoes across the planet’s vast interior.


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The CD includes three 20-minute recordings of these slow natural vibrations, captured by a global network of digital seismographs and transposed into high-quality stereo.

The CD is accompanied by a 16-page full-color illustrated explanatory booklet. Here's a PDF document free PDF of the booklet.

An excerpt from this CD was featured on NPR’s “Sound Clips” series in 2006.

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Excerpts from the CD:

Track 1: "August, 2006 (33 days)"
August, 2006
Track 1: "May-August, 2006 (140 days)"
May-August, 2006
Track 1: "December 26, 2004 (3 days)"
December 26, 2004

Note: this CD was re-issued in 2010 with a new package design and some minor corrections to the text of the booklet. The audio is the same as the original 2007 edition.