Earth sound


Be sure to visit my Earthsound Project website, where you can listen to the planet's seismic and atmospheric sounds in near-real-time.

Right here, right now, the solid Earth is moving beneath your feet.

The rumblings of earthquakes half a world away, the waves from ocean storms far out to sea, the twice-daily pull of Moon and Sun: these natural forces all combine to weave a shifting tapestry of slow vibration within the solid Earth. Too low for us to hear, too slow for us to feel, these subsonic movements reverberate throughout the planet at this very moment, just as they have done for millennia past and will continue for countless more.

What would we hear if our senses had evolved to respond to these deep waves of planetary energy? If we could only slow the scale of human time a few hundred- or thousand-fold, if our tiny ears could only swell to match the measured pace at which these long vibrations move: perhaps then we might begin to really hear our planetary home.

This is what I do. I transpose seismic recordings of the Earth’s vibrations into the range of human ears, to lift the deepest sounds of Earth into the field of human perception.

After working with recordings of archived seismic signals for many years, I am now developing methods of listening to these low seismic Earth sounds in near real-time, in an effort to give the listener a more immediate and direct experience of the sounds of Earth.

Oklahoma frack quake 20160903
Eastport, Maine 20160202
The Well of Knowing
Tohoku Earthquake 2011 (from WRAB)
Three weeks of earthquakes
A restless night in paradise
Earth Breath
Earthquakes; Tennant Creek, Au
Indonesia 12/26/2004
Earth Breath

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