Nature Unleashed (2009-2017)
Inside Natural Disasters
A traveling exhibition
(2009) ·



Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters is a traveling educational science exhibition created by The Field Museum, Chicago.

From the Field Museum website:

Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Volcanic eruptions. Tsunamis.

These immense geological and meteorological forces shaped our planet and our world. Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters explores the fascinating science behind these powerful natural phenomena and highlights their impacts on human lives.

Highly interactive and immersive, this exciting exhibition features visceral experiences, compelling media, and multi-disciplinary science that go beyond the sensational headlines to explore Earth's most impressive natural events. Nature Unleashed also features real objects that tell powerful stories—about natural disasters, and about the resilience and creativity of the people who survive and study them.

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