Earthsound (2014)
Improvised music meets environmental sound (Jason Davis)
Third Life Studio, 33 Union Square, Somerville, MA
May 10, 2014
(2014) ·


Bassist Jason Davis has assembled a fine international group of musicians who perform a series of richly textured original compositions and improvisations that are inspired by an accompanying sound track of prerecorded natural Earth sounds (a few of which were recorded by yours truly). The group skillfully navigates a variety of jazz genres that blend straight-ahead jazz flavors with intricate latin rhythmic patterns, along with tastefully executed unconventional playing techniques (plucked piano, finger-stroked snare drums, etc.). Davis's "Earthsound" program ranges from ecstatic celebrations of pure sound to melancholy introspections on the imminent threats of climate change and rising sea-level. In this group's capable hands, the barred owl, snapping shrimp, and even earthquakes can swing!

Earthsound (2014)
Jason Davis: bass
Doug Johnson: piano
Amir Milstein: flute
Bertram Lehmann: drums