LIGO Magazine
Downeast Rapid Transit
(2021) ·



Art & Music & Gravitational Waves (LIGO Magazine, March 2021 (#18)).

The March 2021 issue of LIGO Magazine has an entire section ("Where imagination meets science") devoted to the art and music inspired by LIGO, black holes, and the new field of gravitational wave astronomy. It's a fun issue that even contains an article about Downeast Rapid Transit's LIGO subway station — the world's first subway station operated by a Nobel laureate.

LIGO Magazine is a publication of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC), a group of scientists focused on the direct detection of gravitational waves, using them to explore the fundamental physics of gravity, and developing the emerging field of gravitational wave science as a tool of astronomical discovery. Founded in 1997, the LSC is currently made up of more than 1000 scientists from over 100 institutions and 18 countries worldwide.