Listening to the Earth
in “Environmental Sound Artists”
(2016) ·



In 2014 Frederick Bianchi invited me to contribute a chapter to his book Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words (Frederick Bianchi and V. J. Manzo, eds., New York: Oxford University Press, 2016). The book is a remarkable collection of first-person narratives illuminating the work of twenty-three international sound artists. It's a great honor to be included here among such sonic luminaries as Bernie Krause, Andrea Polli, David Dunn, China Blue, Gordon Hempton, John Luther Adams — oh, the list goes on and on!

In my chapter, “Listening to the Earth”, I write about Deep Earth Dome — my first sound installation to use the seismic sounds of Earth — and about the loss of the once-pristine subterranean sonic wilderness.