“Obsessive, curious and utterly compelling — at least for a minute or two.”
Portland Press Herald / Sept 29, 2013
Bob Keyes
(2013) ·


Bob Keyes, arts reporter for the Portland (Maine) Press Herald, offered some generous words about my work at the PMA 2013 Biennial in the Sept 29, 2013 issue:

JT Bullitt, based in Steuben, is a seismologist by training, an artist by choice. Among his pieces in this show are a series of continuous drawings, some of which look something like a seismologic graph. The concept of a continuous drawing is not unique, but Bullitt does his with a flair that is both memorable and somewhat funny. One, titled "I Will Not Stop Until I am Asleep," meanders back and forth down the 9-inch paper page until the line just stops, in mid-sentence as it were. That, apparently, is where Bullitt rested his eyes.

He has several other pieces in the show, including an audio installation called "Who I Am (Everyone I Have Ever Known)." It involves a two-hour iPod recording of Bullitt speaking the first and last names of every person he has ever known or whose name he could remember. It's kind of like him reading the phone book, only randomly. Obsessive, curious and utterly compelling — at least for a minute or two.

Read the full article: "'Piece Work,' samples the best of the state's contemporary art scene," by Bob Keyes (Portland Press Herald, September 29, 2013