MaxMSP tech notes
(2012) ·


These notes concern programming for MaxMSP.

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The extern shows up in MaxMSP but with no inlets or outlets.
  • Make sure that the extern's name, filename (plus .mxo extension), and XCode product name are all identical. For example, in this Xcode screenshot of a successful extern compilation/installation, the extern's name "fetchtest1" is identical in the Product list (B), source code instantiation (C), and Target membership list (D).
  • Make sure that the extern's filename is uniquely different from anything else that Max knows about. For example, if a patcher named "MyTest123.maxpat" calls an extern named "mytest123" (located in the file named "mytest123.mxo"), the extern will show up in the patcher window with no inlets or outlets. (Apparently Max ignores case in filenames!) If your extern is named "mytest123.mxo", consider naming your patcher something like "MyTest123-patcher.maxpat".