Who I Am (Everyone I Have Ever Known)
(2014) ·



Installation view (Drift Gallery, 2015).

This sound installation consists of a single small loudspeaker mounted on the wall at the same height as the artist's eyes (64"), from which can be heard a recording of the artist reading a randomized list of the names of everyone he has ever known, in a slow and measured pace, one name per breath.

To include a name in the piece I follow two strict rules: First, we must have met each other in person; second, we both knew each other's names.

During playback the names are continuously reshuffled in an endless loop, stripping them of any chronological or emotional context. Listening to this continuous stream of significant names the listener is invited to reflect: Whom do I remember? Who has touched my life and contributed to who I am today? Who will remember me?

This piece appears at only one location at a time, and is not for sale. For each new installation I update the list to add the names of everyone I met since the previous installation.