Small sounds


The ear is a doorway to wonder and awe. The little everyday sounds that we take for granted can, with a slight shift in attention, context, speed, or emphasis, reveal hidden layers of deep meaning and great beauty.

Here is a sampling of field recordings, compositions, and sonic ephemera from my studio.

City crickets
Sound Field (demo excerpt)
Woodcock by the sea (2)
Well of Knowing (After the Rain)
coyotes + foghorn
Under Green Island
Low Tide at Dusk
The Old Barn in Winter
Crystal Trees
Ice Needles
Snail Eats Carrot
Low tide at dusk in spring
Glacial groove
Slow peepers
The arithmetic of spring
Creaking tree
Double surf
Wind in the old barn
Wind in the Grass
Dusk at Unionville
Falling Glass
Night of a Thousand Songs (excerpt)
A Day of Bells
Coastal Ocean Ambience
New Years Bells
Heavy Surf at Singing Beach
AM Radio Graveyard (1240kHz)
Madikwe Toads
Inkwe Dawn
10 Simultaneous Songs
Slow ocean ripples
Z┬črich Bells
Slow summer crickets
Underwater River Critters
Xylem Flowin
Sound of the Week 060704

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