“Night of a Thousand Songs”
Night of a Thousand Songs (excerpt)
Night of a Thousand Songs (excerpt) [0:59 · download]


Distilled from field recordings made over several nights and early mornings, this CD brings you right to the water’s edge of a small waterhole in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa. In the span of about forty minutes you can experience a representative eight-hour night of sound, from the spectacular late-night chorus of frogs and toads, to the first threads of birdsong heralding the dawn chorus.


This recording may be enjoyed in many ways: as a meditation on the passage of Time; as documentation of a disappearing African wetland habitat; as a tool for the naturalist to hone his or her skills at identifying wildlife by ear; as a calming background soundtrack for relaxation or exercise; or simply as an experience of pure ambience—the living sound of life on Earth.

The CD includes an 8-page explanatory booklet.

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An excerpt of this CD aired on Public Radio International's "Living On Earth" program of December 9, 2011.