“Night of a Thousand Songs”
(2008) ·
Night of a Thousand Songs (excerpt)
Night of a Thousand Songs (excerpt) [0:59 · download]


Distilled from field recordings made over several nights and early mornings, this CD brings you right to the water’s edge of a small waterhole in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa. In the span of about forty minutes you can experience a representative eight-hour night of sound, from the spectacular late-night chorus of frogs and toads, to the first threads of birdsong heralding the dawn chorus.


This recording may be enjoyed in many ways: as a meditation on the passage of Time; as documentation of a disappearing African wetland habitat; as a tool for the naturalist to hone his or her skills at identifying wildlife by ear; as a calming background soundtrack for relaxation or exercise; or simply as an experience of pure ambience—the living sound of life on Earth.

An excerpt of this CD aired on Public Radio International's "Living On Earth" program of December 9, 2011.

The CD is out of print and no longer available, but digital downloads are floating around the Internet.