Sound Field (soundscape installation)
(2022) ·
Sound Field (demo excerpt)
Sound Field (demo excerpt) [2:20 · download]



Sound Field (installation view)

Sound Field is an immersive soundscape installation that celebrates the range and variety of sound while inviting the listener to experience the act of pure listening.

I assembled the sounds from my collection of field recordings and other sonic ephemera. Some sounds will be familiar — birdsong, crickets, water, wind — while others defy immediate recognition. The interplay between the familiar and the novel aims to suspend the listener in a state of unknowing, witness to a heightened awareness of the natural urge to identify, categorize, and construct meaning from sensory experience. Listening thus becomes a mirror to the movement of the mind itself.

The arrangement of eight loudspeakers allows you to move about and explore the listening space from different angles and discover the shifting relationships between the sounds. The program is continuous and non-repeating: if you return in a few minutes you will encounter an entirely new chorus of sounds, providing a fresh opportunity to explore the nature of listening.


  • 2023.05.06 - 2023.05.07 : Somerville Open Studios, 2023
  • 2022.11.19 - 2022.11.20 : Joy Street Open Studios, 2022