Tangible intuitions


On making a mark

Every action we perform leaves its mark in the world. What better way to explore this truth than by putting pen to paper? In making marks on the page, points become lines, lines become forms, and forms become symbols imbued with meaning. This hierarchical accumulation of small gestures adds up to a densely concentrated language of action and choice that can be rich with significance and emotional truth.

A simple line drawn across the page records many forces, known and unknown: the artist's conscious intentions, the tiny accidental movements caused by twitching muscles or a wandering mind, and — most compelling of all — the unconscious universal energies that lurk within us all. In my own mark-making experiments I borrow iconic and symbolic vocabularies from other fields of human inquiry — including science, mathematics, alchemy, politics, and spirituality—to create new ones, in an effort to explore and express our complex relationship to symbol and language.

The marks we leave also present a challenge: to not mistake the marks themselves for what we think they represent; for in doing so we risk missing the deeper truths and beauty that lie just beneath the surface of things. There is always more than meets the eye.

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